Frequently Asked Questions about Miksang Photography


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of camera do I need for the Miksang Retreat?

Miksang Retreats and Courses are all-digital.
A digital camera with a minimum of 12 mega-pixels with a removable flash card is required. Of course, the more megapixels the better, so we recommend between 12 and >26 mega pixels for the best quality.

Any SLR, hybrid camera or a compact camera, with an allround lens, is good. As long as it is digital.

In the training of Miksang Photography we are interested in forming the equivalent of our perceptions through the medium of photography, and having a basic control over the exposure, depth of focus, de etc. helps us do that. All digital cameras offer easy settings these days. to practice mindful photography before pressing the release button.

Note! A smart phone is not suitable for the Miksang training, due to the lack of basic photographic technicality that smart phones currently offer. As well the limited ability to make proper and helpful adjustments to the jpeg. files coming from smart phones. during the group review sessions.

Having mentioned the above : after any Miksang retreat a smartphone is a helpful medium to express a fresh perception when you do not have access to your camera. To come to a full stop is more inviting when having the intention to actually take a picture. You commit to pause, come to a stop and after having understood fully what your perception with the Miksang Method. This of course can be expressed with any photographic medium, whether that is camera or a smartphone. Also, the camera settings on smartphones have become way better and are getting better as we speak. The end of technological improvement is not near yet!

What kind of lens(es) do I need to bring?

We recommend a general allround zoom lens.

Wide angle, prime lenses or macro lenses(for SLR) are not recommended for the Miksang Introductory retreat as these lenses do not represent the contemplative approach to true perceptions.

For SLR or hybrid cameras: we recommend a digital single lens reflex camera that is capable of shooting in aperture priority mode (adjustable lens aperture) or in full manual mode (adjustable shutter speed and lens aperture).

Compact camera: with zoom or superzoom with a zoomlens somewhere between 24 - 250mm.

Advisable compact cameras, to give you an idea:
* Panasonic Lumix TZ200 ,or the previous version the TZ100
• Sony RX100 M6 and Sony RX100 M7

Do I need previous photographic experience to take this course?

No. We can teach you the basics of how to operate your camera, if needed, and the rest of the course is about synchronising your eye, heart and mind and expressing pure perceptions in a simple way.

However it is helpful if you already know the basics of photography and how to zoom with your lens. You can start on the half automatic mode and shift after a few days to the Aperture mode; 'Aperture' is the most important mode to learn in Miksang.

In Miksang we are interested in forming 'equivalents; learning to photograph so that the pictures show the experience of what you have seen, in full color.
In the Miksang approach to photography we do not shoot in black & white, nor do we explore conventional themes photographic themes such as nature and landscape, nor do we focus on minimalistic or macro photography,
We keep the editing with photo software simple and do not use Photoshop to alter colours or add 'interesting' filters.

Do I need meditation experience for the Introductory Miksang course?

No. It can be helpful to have some experience with meditation, however in Miksang we practice uninhibited looking and wakeful seeing with visual exercises and photographic assignments that are designed to activate a meditative state of being and seeing in action. This are easy and fun exercises to engage in.

The Miksang training emphasizes synchronizing your eyes, mind and heart and how to express these experiences as simple as possible with your cameras.

Do I need a laptop?

If you have your own laptop it would be helpful to bring it along for self-editing.

Please familiarize yourself with your computer’s digital imaging software before the class, and make sure you are able to transfer the selection of images to a USB flash drive.

What other equipment do I need?

None. We do not use tripods, flashes or special effects filters.

What else in included?

In advance of the Miksang retreat, you will be provided with a Miksang manual which comes along with the Online Introductory lessons You can download this in the Online Miksang Academy

You will receive the Miksang manual in paper on the first day of the live Introductory Retreat.

Are accommodations included?

No. You have to arrange your own accommodations. If you need help or recommendations, please contact us.

For the retreat at Retreat Center Dechen Chöling please book your choice of accommodation online or contact the DCL office.

Is the online introductory talk optional?

No. The online talk provides information on a number of relevant topics and is an introduction to the Miksang teachings and Dharma Art teachings. This introductory talk lays the ground for the entire retreat.
This also includes a Miksang image presentation which sets the tone for the visual world you are going to discover yourself.

Can I miss parts of the further rettreat?

We don’t recommend it, but it is up to you. Each four day Miksang retreat has a natural flow and each part of it is important to the overall experience, so it is best to try and arrange for full participation.

There is no discount for partial participation.

We recommend making your travel plans so that you can be present until 6pm on the final day.

Does the Miksang training include lunch?

No. Unless otherwise announced, see below.
Part of the Miksang Modules is the possibility to have lunch together with the other participants. This is optional and not included in the program price.

For the in-house Miksang retreat at Dechen Chöling you book, separately of the intuition, your choice of accommodation which includes all meals. .

What is your Refund/Cancellation policy?

Miksang does not refund any part of the retreat fee unless the retreat is cancelled. In the event that personal circumstances prevent attendance at the retreat, whenever possible the tuition can be credited to future retreats offered in Europe within one year of your original registration.

Miksang instructors need to arrange travel, accommodation and retreat venues far before the retreat date. These arrangements are dependent on advance registrations. 

Please do not finalize travel plans until you have been informed that the retreat has met minimum registration, and you are informed of this by an email from the Miksang instructor.

Miksang Photography is not responsible for refunding the cost of airline tickets, hotel rooms or any other travel-related costs.